Take your tile to the wild side

A happy home is an uncluttered home

What's the first thing you notice about a kitchen or bathroom? If it's not the cabinet design, it's definitely the floor. Your choice of tiles can dramatically inform the rest of the room's aesthetic, which is why it's important that you find a look that you adore. Doing so is a fairly simple prospect - here are a few tips when considering your new tiles.

First, have a look at your cabinetry. If you're working with a simple color scheme like black and white, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing your tiles. However, if you have more contemporary cabinets in a unique hue, you'll want to ensure the floors complement them.

Next, decide what you'd like the tile to be made from. According to Freshome, they come in a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, ceramic and bamboo. Certain materials serve specific functions better than others - for instance, bamboo works well on the floor, while porcelain makes an excellent countertop.