5 Things You Are Forgetting to Clean Around Your Home

cleaning your home

Has the spring weather got you nesting and wanting to get everything in your home clean and in good working order? Us too! That’s why we put together a list of five things you might not have even thought about cleaning just to make sure we cover it all. So glove up and let’s go…it’s time to get to work!

1. Cabinets and Range Hoods

Food, grease, and sticky grime are covering your cabinets and range hood and you may not even know it. It’s important to clean them often so you avoid heavy build-up that is difficult to remove. Let’s start by giving them a good cleaning now so they are easier to clean each time.

2. Skylights

Don’t forget to look up! Cobwebs love to hide in the corners of high skylights. The windows can also tend to get dirty quickly. Cleaning skylights can obviously be tricky…check out these tips.

3. Lights and Glass Fixtures

How do the bugs get in there anyway?! Luckily, cleaning these is easier than you think.

Feather-dust fixtures often, and then every few months run the glass fixtures through the dishwasher. Just remember to make sure the bulbs are off when you dust or clean them!

4. Trim Above Doorways

Doors and the trim around the doors is an area we tend to overlook, but something that guests are sure to notice. Cleaning them really isn’t that hard, and in most cases just requires a soft cloth and warm water. This is especially important around bathroom and pantry doors for obvious reasons!

5. Vents

We bet this is something you definitely don’t ever think about cleaning. Sort of an out of sight/out of mind thing, right? But not only should you be cleaning these every few months, we’ve got the perfect tool you can use to get the job done.