Easy-To-Follow Tips For Cleaning the Laundry Room

Easy-To-Follow Tips For Cleaning the Laundry Room

When cleaning the home, what are your go-to areas? For us, we always tackle the kitchen and bathrooms first! Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about the laundry room, which becomes a lesser priority (that’s where the washing is done for you, right?!). To cut down your time spent here, stick to these tips for cleaning the laundry room.

The washing machine does need cleaning

If you’ve never deep cleaned your washing machine, now is the time to start! Detergent and hard water can build up on the inside, and layers of dirt and dust develop on the surface over time… this is especially bad news if you fold your laundry on top of the machines! Remember, always wipe down the outside of the machine and dryer with a damp towel or cloth and wipe down the inside of the machine with vinegar. Be careful, because high efficiency washers need a bit more work.

Clean the dryer vents

If there’s one rule in keeping a dryer intact, it’s to clean out the vents! Blocked vents can lead to an ineffective dryer, and even worse, lint is highly flammable. Unfortunately, it’s easy to remove lint from the vent, throw it on the floor, and let it pile up! Use baskets for a wall-mounted bin that easily conceals all that lint.

Reduce clutter by using baskets and cabinetry

You didn’t think we’d give you a list of tips for cleaning the laundry room without a few organizing ideas, did you!? It’s a simple fact: baskets and cabinetry just make organization that much easier. In the case of the laundry room, both of these tools easily reduce clutter! Simple plastic bins and wire baskets easily organize laundry: keep one basket for dirty and one for clean to avoid a pileup of clothing. Plus, custom cabinetry can be a huge help in keeping organized. Designate shelves for detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, and other items, and you’ll hold yourself more accountable to recycling old bottles instead of cluttering the shelves.

Keep the laundry room clean

To keep your cleaning time spent in the laundry room to a minimum, follow a few daily or weekly cleaning guidelines. First, always wipe down the washing machine and dryer. Second, keep a garbage can and recycling bin nearby to avoid the accumulation of trash build-up. And lastly, vacuum and sweep the laundry room when you’re already vacuuming other areas of the home… it’s less of a hassle this way!