Four Ways To Easily Store Halloween Decorations And Costumes

Four Ways To Easily Store Halloween Decorations And Costumes

Right now, you likely have your Halloween decorations up and are shopping for new costumes and recipes. But in a few weeks, what do you do with those decorations and costumes!? Well if you swore you’d be more organized for next year, consider these four ways to easily store Halloween decorations and costumes.

Clean any masks or costumes before storing

First up, tackle the masks and costumes. If you’re going to reuse these items next year, you don’t want to put a dirty mask on your face! MakeSpace provides a few ways to clean masks, costumes and tips to wash any wigs. But if you aren’t planning on reusing costumes, or your kids will grow out of them, donate them to your local Goodwill.

Use clear bins

More than anything, using clear bins will save you so much time when October 2018 comes around. When you begin to decorate with Halloween decor next year, you can see what’s in the bin before you begin to dig around. Here’s a pro tip: before you close the bin, leave a note with the decorations or costumes included in the bin on top.

Seal up makeup or fake blood inside your bins

Before you store your Halloween makeup or fake blood for next year, make sure to seal it in a plastic bag. This will prevent potential leaks that can stain your costumes…plus, who knows what ingredients are in the fake blood or makeup! You don’t want to attract any pests to your closet space.  

Use trick-or-treating tools for storage

Here’s our favorite tip for how to store Halloween decorations: use trick-or-treating tools for storage. Do you still have the plastic pumpkin bins and other baskets used for trick-or-treating? Use those to your advantage by storing smaller decorations inside. It gives a better purpose to those bulkier items you have lying around.