Four Ways To Finally Organize Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

Four Ways To Finally Organize Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

Do you ever see images of wonderfully organized kitchens and wonder how they do it? Well, the time has finally come! We researched some of the best ways to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers, and we’ve consolidated them into four general tips.

Slide out shelving

In our opinion, the absolute best way to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers is through slide out shelving. Why? We notoriously pile up pots and pans in the cupboards, and end up losing kitchen tools in the abyss! Slide out shelving is an effective solution for two reasons. First, it’s a much easier way to store awkwardly-sized items. It’s hard enough trying to organize items in deep cabinets!  And second, it prevents you from forgetting about those hard-to-reach items in the back of the cupboards.

Recruit baskets and other organizing tools

Baskets and bins are ideal organizing tools for smaller or individually-packaged items. You know better than anyone how single-serving chip bags or protein bars can make your cabinets feel cluttered! Keep smaller items in bins so that you don’t have to dig through the entire pantry or cabinet searching for something in particular.

Drawer inserts or dividers

A kitchen drawer organizer is essential for your silverware… so why not use it for other drawers? They keep items from rattling around, and when you first open the drawer, you can easily spot the item you’re looking for. And think outside of the box for what you can store in drawers! Organizer, Chip Cordelli, recommends that you store your top-12 most frequently used spices in a drawer so they don’t get lost in a cupboard.

Group like items together

Even if you have plenty of storage space, group like items together to have a more organized area altogether. Plus, when you’re organized, you’re able to find the items you’re looking for much faster! If you store all your canned goods, spices, cereals, and other items together, then anyone can notice when you need to stock up on supplies.