Velvet Is One Of 2017’s Hottest Home Decor Trends

Velvet Is One Of 2017’s Hottest Home Decor Trends

We knew there would be some new trends in the year 2017, but Zillow’s Top Design Predictions For 2017 solidified that! According to the home trend forecast, velvet is one of 2017’s hottest home decor trends. Keep reading for a few suggestions on how to incorporate this new trend in your own home.

Expect to see velvet on throw pillows, couch cushions and curtains

Since recent design has relied on modern and industrial styles, velvet takes a much warmer approach to interior design. The easiest place to add a little texture is in the living room… throw pillows, couch cushions, and curtains are easy areas to add the material. If you want to take the luxury to another level, then opt for couches draped in velvet! Take a look at the attached image for some inspiration.

Velvet is versatile

Velvet can seem extremely luxurious and dramatic, but used tastefully, it’s versatile! Items such as a velvet couch can act as a funky furniture piece or a royally elegant addition. Velvet also transitions well between warm and cold weather in addition to transitioning between modern and traditional design. In fact, its versatility can help make velvet a transitional element between the living room and kitchen. Luckily, it complements both framed and frameless cabinets.

Homeowners are expected to take on a much bolder approach overall

Recently, some of the hottest home decor trends include aesthetic design and simplicity. But in 2017, homeowners are taking trends up a notch! A few upcoming trends include jeweled tones, colorful kitchen appliances, and bolder statements in general. While these trends are great living room and kitchen design ideas, homeowners are taking a bolder approach to a home design overall… start by adding a bit of velvet texture throughout the home!