Design Your Home with Your Personality in Mind

decorate with personality

We know you decorate based on likes, preferences and taste, but have you considered decorating based on your personality traits? Doing so can actually help you in your day-to-day activities, and your health might even benefit! Read on for some tips on how to decorate with your personality in mind.

Cool and Collected

If staying calm under pressure is at the core of your personality, then soft, muted hues will ensure you can maintain your Zen at home. Look to gently blended tones, shades, and desaturated colors to pull off this look. Then use muted textures in drapes, lamps and rugs to bring in warmth. When considering paint, think about cool blues, whites and off-whites with grey undertones.

Happy Go Lucky

If you are naturally upbeat and energetic, then you should look to include bright colors that bring a natural energy when used together. Pair neutral furniture with these cheery colors, and  you’ll find it’s the quickest way to bring joy and happiness throughout your home. Consider using colors such as violets, blues, emerald greens and of course yellow.

Dramatic and Glamorous

Dramatic, brazen, bold…if this describes you then your best bet is to include gemstone hues in your home. Rich purples, reds, and dark greens offset by lighter woods and gold accents, will make your home as sensational and memorable as you are.