Exposed Beam Ideas that Will Transform Your Bedroom

Bedroom with Exposed Beam Ceilings

Some things are must-haves in a master bedroom…a bed that is as comfortable as it is impactful, soft lighting, a few air purifying plants, and ideally a fireplace. But our new favorite addition is exposed beams. Designed to add texture and interest, their rustic quality creates a dramatic frame for the most peaceful room in the house. Read on for a few of our favorite exposed beam ideas.

1. White out

For a clean, modern look consider painting the beams white. This gives you texture and interest without the darkness of stained wood. This works especially well in bedrooms with straight ceilings, allowing for clean simple lines. Continue the light airy feeling throughout the room with light bedding and window coverings, accenting with darker woods, trim and doors to create depth and richness.

2. To the point

If you have a pitched roof in your bedroom, try using smaller beams at the point to draw attention to the roof line. Darker wood or even a grey stain work best in this situation. Adding recessed lighting on the angles of the ceiling can also create drama in the room.

3. Natural vibe

For a more bohemian style in your bedroom, try using thinner, natural wood across the ceiling and even down one wall. Relaxed, peaceful and eclectic, using wood beams this way will definitely say “Boho- Chic.” The more uneven and raw the wood the better! Have fun with varying colors in the wood, uneven edges, etc., to complete this carefree, natural style.

4. Create a pattern

If you want to go really memorable in your bedroom, use wood exposed beams to create a pattern on the ceiling. This works best in rooms with very high ceilings or those with simple white or light furniture, bedding and paint.