Looking To Up Your Bedroom Decor? Consider These Headboard Ideas For Beds

Looking To Up Your Bedroom Decor? Consider These Headboard Ideas For Beds

The bedroom is potentially the most personalized room in your house… after all, this is where you spend at least eight hours of your day! The design is reflective of your style of course, but it should also play up the most important part of your bedroom: the bed. If you want to take your bedroom decor to the next level, then consider any of these trendy headboard ideas for beds.

Upholstered headboards

Look on any furniture website or interior design inspiration, and there’s one thing you’ll see everywhere: upholstered headboards. These trendy full size headboards are huge for a few reasons. First, it’s a bold statement! But it also gives off a sense of comfort and coziness, which we love… the bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house anyways! And lastly, an oversized upholstered headboard is just like having your own wall art above the bed.


A wood accent is absolutely stunning in the bedroom. While some desire an accent wall, a wood headboard is a unique take on the age-old design. It’s complementary to nearly everything: glass, marble, contemporary design pieces, etc. Plus, if you do have a natural wood closet design, a rustic headboard will transition well between the bedroom and closet areas. Environmentally conscious homeowners can even recruit reclaimed wood to stay true to the sustainable lifestyle!

Mixed patterns

In the fashion world, prints and mixed patterns reign supreme! We wear these patterns often, so we say it’s time to utilize it in your own home. From paisley and zigzag patterns to florals, mixed patterns are one of our favorite modern headboard ideas. Contrast your headboard design with that of your duvet or rug for an eye-catching pairing. Plus, textures such as velvet can work well to bring a pop of personality to the bedroom.