Here’s What We Learned From Jaime King’s Dream Closet Makeover

Here’s What We Learned From Jaime King’s Dream Closet Makeover

There’s just something special about a celebrity closet… maybe it’s the massive closet size, we’re not sure! However, we can learn a lot about stylish closet design through examining a celebrity closet…cue actress, Jaime King. My Domaine examined King’s dream closet makeover from the organization to color to design elements, and we have the details. Here are the three key lessons we learned from her dream closet makeover.

Visibility is key

When it comes to closet makeover ideas, everyone has a different style. King is a great example as her closet lacks doors… not everyone wants to conceal their clothing! The open style works to her advantage since she can easily see every item that’s hung up. That’s what is so great about the Closets Plus line: it’s completely customizable for whatever your space needs.   

You must get rid of things to create space

Lucky for King, she mentions that she is great at “purging things.” This is a skill not everyone has! You have to be willing to let some of your older clothing items go so that you can make room for new ones. Hoarding clothes or accessories you don’t wear anymore just makes the closet hard to organize and overwhelming. Plus, it’s a great starting point if you’re considering closet makeover ideas.

Pull inspiration from your home design

The last thing we learned from King’s dream closet makeover is that the closet can be an extension of the home too. In home design, the goal is to create a cohesive flow from room to room, and the closet is no different! King pulled the closet colors from her home’s mahogany woodwork and white floors. White is always a good option for those with colored clothing or pieces with bold patterns since the two won’t clash.