Kitchen Pantry Ideas To Make Your Food Feel At Home

Kitchen Pantry Ideas To Make Your Food Feel At Home

When it comes to your kitchen design, it’s easy to think about the main features: the kitchen island, cabinetry, flooring, and appliances. But what about the pantry?! While the pantry is mainly the center of storage, there are plenty of kitchen pantry ideas that do so much more. Here are a few design ideas for your own home.

Open and closed storage

Take a look at the attached image… this functional walk-in pantry design features open and closed storage. While the space is large and things are often accessible, there’s an even more important reason for the design, convenience! Place items you need quick access to in open shelved areas for easy grab-and-go access. P.S. – Contemporary cabinet doors like Jackson or Seneca are a great choice for blending open and closed shelving.


Pantries serve basic storage needs, we get it! But we’re always ready to take our kitchen pantry ideas up a notch, which is why we suggest that your pantry serve double-duty. In addition to food, you can also use the storage space to showcase your china and glassware, recipe books, and cookware with glass-door cabinetry or open shelving.

Connect the pantry to the kitchen

Instead of separating the pantry as a completely different entity, connect the pantry to the kitchen seamlessly. By blending the two areas, the pantry can serve as an excellent bar or prep and serving area for cocktail or dinner parties. Designer, Barbara Westbrook, created a seamless transition between the pantry and kitchen by including the same cabinet styles and royal embellishments in both areas.  

Thoroughly organized

If you have a traditional walk-in pantry design, then a meticulously organized style is one of the easiest kitchen pantry ideas to pull off! Organize everything in your pantry into glass containers, baskets and bins, which will create a well-organized pantry that reduces clutter over time.