Ralph Lauren Gives A Lesson On Men’s Closet Essentials

Ralph Lauren Gives A Lesson On Men’s Closet Essentials

From designing apparel for the 2012 and 2016 USA Olympic Teams to running his own multi-billion dollar enterprise, Ralph Lauren knows everything there is to know about men’s closet essentials. In fact, Architectural Digest stepped inside Lauren’s own closet for a more personal look. Take note, because there is no better fashion icon to teach you about men’s closet must haves.

Mahogany millwork

Throughout Lauren’s Norman-style manor is a blend of vintage, antique and modern elements, but there’s no example of the gentlemanly vibe quite like his walk-in closet. The closet features a rich mahogany color that gives us flashes of the wild west! Throughout Canyon Creek’s Closets Plus line, there are similar colors and materials available such as Windsor Mahogany, Maple – Burgundy and Cherry – Cayenne that are ideal for a men’s closet.

Dark paint color

Just peeking above the top of the closet, you can see that Lauren chose a dark green paint color for his personal closet. A color this intense can easily make the room seem too dark and dreary, which is why ample lighting tops the list for men’s closet essentials! Recessed lighting or a bit of natural light can be all you need to brighten the closet. But before we move on, we have a pro tip. Combine excellent lighting with full length mirrors to help expand the light throughout the room.

Masculine accessories

Probably the most organized men’s closet we’ve ever seen, Lauren took even the smallest details into consideration. Take a look at the leather bench, riding boots, top hat accessory, and vintage luggage. All are small accessories, but together they create a story and display Lauren’s own personal style. We know that not everyone has this same antique style. However, apply the same tactic to your own closet! Utilize several small accessories that display your own personality, and let those pieces take center stage.