Seasonal Closet Purge: How To Clean Out Your Closet For Fall

Seasonal Closet Purge: How To Clean Out Your Closet For Fall

Before you pull in those warm jackets and sweaters, make sure there’s room in your closet! So we’re here to help you get ready for that fall closet clean out. Follow these four steps to learn how to clean out your closet for fall.

Review your summer wardrobe

There’s three steps to this stage: keep, donate or toss out. For those items you want to keep, make sure that you actually wear it! Don’t keep an item you haven’t worn in six months, or a bikini that you think is outdated. On the other hand, toss out torn clothes or pieces that aren’t in good enough condition to donate.

Store summer items that aren’t transitional

The next step in your closet purge is to store those summer items you’ve decided to keep, but don’t transition well into fall. Crop tops, swim trunks, off-the-shoulder shirts, and most pairs of shorts are the kind of items that won’t fare well in cold weather…store these pieces to get them out of your way and free up space! Items such as bins, drawers or other closet storage solutions do a great job of opening up space.

Display your shoes

When you clean out your closet for fall, don’t forget about your shoes… display all of your favorite shoes on something such as a shoe shelf. This helps you to visualize all pairs, which helps you decide which are your favorite and which you should donate. And make sure to store all those flip flops and sandals!

Make fall outerwear accessible

The largest transition from summer is the temperature, which means you’ll need those sweaters and jackets more often. As you organize, leave room for jackets and cardigans in the most accessible part of your closet as well as other high-priority clothing items. Plus, this allows you to add more must-have fall essentials!