The terms “modern” and “contemporary” can be applied to a wide range of design styles, from mid-century modern to the cleanliness of Scandinavian design and the spare look of minimalism. Cabinets are typically full access frameless construction (Millennia or Katana), although you’ll see some framed (Cornerstone) designs as well.

While different in execution, these styles share some common elements: clean lines, with very little ornamentation or mouldings; sleek, simple light fixtures, unique flooring and countertop choices (such as stained concrete) and stainless steel appliances.

In cabinets, dark wood stains have become popular, and vibrant paint colors are starting to appear alongside white and grey. Wood alternatives like high gloss foils and laminates or textured, woodgrain surfaces are often used in contemporary kitchens. Slab doors and styles from the Shaker door family are the most common choices for this type of design.