The Best Workout Playlists on Spotify

The Best Workout Playlists on Spotify

February is American Heart Month and eating right and exercising are a huge part of keeping your heart healthy long term. To keep you motivated four to five days a week, here are some of the best cardio workout playlists on Spotify.

Fitness Playlist for 2018

Get your body moving with this 18 song playlist that will motivate any cardio or crossfit junkie.


This 50 song playlist is great for working up a sweat and feeling the cardio burn.

Power Workout

Your workout just got a little more intense…these songs will get you energized and ready to move.  

Today’s Undiscovered Hits

A consistent tempo and fresh music will get you out of bed and ready to kick start your day.

The Rock Workout

Love rock music? With all your rock favorites from the last decade, you’ll have no problem getting your steps in each day.