Bring Good Luck Home with These Tips

good luck in the home

You don’t have to be superstitious to hope for a little luck in your life. Here are a few ideas you can use to bring some of that luck into your home.

Good Luck Animals

Did you know a cricket in the house brings good luck? A frog also brings good luck to any house it enters. And elephants are viewed as wise and loyal…just a few of the reasons they are also symbols of luck. You can bring anyone of these into your home by placing a small figurine on a shelf.


These little beauties are on the top of most “good luck” lists! You can wear a ladybug charm, find an adorable statue, or create a garden in your yard that encourages ladybugs.

Fresh Flowers

If you follow feng shui, then you know that fresh flowers (without thorns) will bring happiness, beauty and good fortune into your home, while offering a strong healing energy.


The U shape of a horseshoe is said to guard your home of evil spirits, while iron is also considered a lucky material. Place it pointing upwards so your luck doesn’t run out, and remember to use an odd number of nails when mounting it to the wall.


Windchimes are known not only to bring good luck, but money into the home. You should hang one right at your front door, or at the furthest back left corner of the front of your home, but never near where you sleep, work or eat since in those cases windchimes can suppress positive energy.