Fun Things to Do as a Family During a Snowstorm

things to do during a snowstorm

As much of the country is experiencing epic winter cold and snow, being stuck inside with family while trying to still manage work and life can seem very inconvenient and stressful. But it is possible to keep your family calm and happily entertained during a snowstorm. Here are ten fun ways to handle winter weather and bring the magic of snow days to your family.

  1. Play a board game. But make sure it’s a classic board game you haven’t played in a long time such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, etc. Create special family rules to keep it fresh and silly.  
  2. Binge watch a TV series together. Watch that one TV show everyone is talking about, but you never seem to have time to watch.
  3. Have a “Snowed-in Dinner Party.” Call your neighbors who are within walking distance and invite them over. Ask them to bring whatever dish or food they have on hand and eat potluck style.
  4. Clean out your closets. You’re stuck at home, might as well be productive!
  5. Make craftsValentine’s Day is just around the corner and being stuck at home is a great time to get started on those homemade cards.
  6. Research and plan your next family vacation…brainstorm ideas that everyone will love and start to plan what, when and where together.
  7. Work together and change up the furniture in the living room or bedrooms.
  8. Look through photos on your computer or digital camera…or watch old home movies.
  9. Tell old family stories or teach the kids how to bake a family recipe.
  10. Do something outside like have a snowman making competition, sledding races, or make snow angels.