A Guide to Some of The Most Unusual Social Media National Holidays

Social Media National Holidays

Since the very first “national day” in 2013 (National Popcorn Day), the National Day Calendar now tracks almost 1,500 national months, weeks and days a year. Read on for a list of the most obscure and interesting ones we found that are celebrated throughout the year. Then get creative in how you observe them on social media.

1. February

National Toothache Day: We’re not sure why anyone would be happy about a toothache, but you can celebrate it on February 9th! For a more positive spin, celebrate the day by showing a renewed focus on dental care and healthy teeth. Maybe even call and make that checkup appointment you’ve been putting off? Be sure to use #NationalToothacheDay when posting on social media

2. March

National Napping Day: Now this is something we can get behind! Observed the day following Daylight Saving Time, (makes sense!) National Napping Day gives people “permission” to catch up on the hour of sleep they lost. Studies show a 10-15 minute nap can be very effective when mid-day slumps hit…so on this day, go ahead and find a quiet corner and get your nap on! Don’t forget to use #NationalNappingDay when you snap that nap selfie!

3. April

National Blame Someone Else Day: Let the finger pointing begin! Celebrated on the first Friday the 13th of the year, this is your chance to pass the buck to someone or something else. Remember it’s all in fun, so get creative with your social media posts and remember to use the hashtag #BlameSomeoneElseDay

4. July

World Emoji Day: July 17th is the day we honor all our favorite emojis! Emoji, a Japanese expression, means “picture word” and were first developed in 1990. Every year new emojis are developed and released. Emojipedia.org keeps track of all them all, and currently there are more than 1,800 in existence. #WorldEmojiDay

5. September

National Lazy Mom’s Day: For all the moms out there, September 7th is for you! It’s National Lazy Mom’s Day and is typically celebrated on the first Friday in September. Take a break for all the chores and celebrate by doing something for yourself. Use #NationalLazyMomsDay on social media and show everyone how you make sure to take time for yourself.

6. November

World Kindness Day: Celebrated on November 13th, this day is all about paying it forward!

The goal is to be extra thoughtful today with the hopes the kindness will spread, and others will spread good cheer as well. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about acts of kindness as well. Use #WorldKindnessDay on social media and spread the word!