Create Every Bookworm’s Dream Home Library

Create Every Bookworm’s Dream Home Library

For every new homeowner, there’s a unique need to designate all the new spaces. For the fitness fanatic, it may be a workout room! But for all the bookworms out there, we understand how important a reading room is to you, which is why we’ve supplied three tips to help you create your own dream home library.

Cabinet built-ins

First things first, every large-to-small home library needs cabinet built-ins for your books! With custom cabinets, you can create any style of bookshelves regardless of size, space or material. However, if your home has vaulted ceilings, we suggest you build the bookshelf up vertically (we love the drama!).  Pinterest offers a few home library designs, but if you’re just starting your book collection, don’t settle for a bunch of empty shelves… take up cabinet built-in space with fresh flowers, blankets, baskets to hold snacks, etc.


Step two to creating a reading room is the seating element… do you have the space for a large, comfortable sofa? Or is your dream home library a small nook with a chair? A padded chair or sofa can be the cozy element needed to tie the entire space together. Your goal here is to make the space perfect for cozying up with a book and blanket, just as  for napping!

Home library can operate on its own or have dual functionality

Remember that every home is unique to your needs, so you don’t need to designate an entire bedroom as your dream home library! It also can have dual functionality to serve as both your home office and reading room, and several homes utilize the guest bedroom or loft space as the home library. When you do combine these areas, pay particular attention to how your cabinet built-ins complement the rest of the room. For example, if your bookshelves feature the traditional style of cornerstone cabinetry, make sure to avoid a modern desk that could cause a clash.