Define Your Backyard With These Outdoor Seating Ideas

Define Your Backyard With These Outdoor Seating Ideas

As spring heats up into summer, we’ll all be spending more time entertaining outdoors. If you’ve just moved, or you’re looking for your next home project, there’s no better place than the backyard. Check out these three outdoor seating ideas to help define your own backyard space.

Dining area

When designing an outdoor dining area, it is so important that you stay true to your own style. Actually, this is some advice to keep in mind when designing any new spaces! You’ll want to design the space to suit your needs whether that be late-at-night cocktail parties, dinner parties, weeknight meals, or poolside dining. But that’s what makes designing an outdoor dining area so fun: make it as simple or extravagant as your style demands! Just remember, outdoor dining is all about creating an intimate setting that fosters close conversations.

Two outdoor dining ideas that we love include the rustic and extravagant setups. Pull off a rustic dining area with ample greenery, cafe string lights and just enough seating for your family. On the other hand, take the extravagant approach by recruiting a custom-made dining table and chairs complete with a gorgeous light fixture so the party can go through the night.

Outdoor living room

When it comes to outdoor seating ideas, one of the most recently popular settings is an outdoor living room. Recreate your living room outside for a complete outdoor entertaining area! We’re talking about a dining table, prep area, kitchen island, outdoor BBQ, pots, plateware, etc. Outdoor kitchen design ideas can range from a simple gondola-covered prep area to an inclusive outdoor kitchen with a sink, custom cabinets, and storage.

Ample patio seating

Filling up your backyard space with ample patio seating is ideal for spring and summer’s warmer weather. Plus, if your family doesn’t spend much time eating outdoors, use that space for outdoor lounging! It’s easy to envision a backyard space complete with large comfy couches, matching furniture, and a roof extension or gondola. To make the space feel complete, use french doors to open up the living room for an indoor/outdoor entertaining area.