How to Build a She Shed Home Office in Three Steps

How to Build a She Shed Home Office in Three Steps

Forget the man cave, the “She Shed” has taken over…so much so, even men are loving the idea of a backyard office oasis. Here are three easy steps to get you started with your office retreat.

1. Find your space

Start by thinking about your work style…will you need to meet with clients? Do you need a lot of storage space or cabinets? Would you like it to be sustainable? Create a list of all these variables before determining your space. Then think about accessibility, and make sure it’s a place you’ll want to go every day. Once you’ve answered these questions, go ahead and clear a space in your yard and get started.

2. Choose and build your structure

There are several options when it comes to building your “She Shed” home office. Consider repurposing an existing shed with a fresh coat of paint and interior improvements, or purchase a prefabricated kit and build a new one. Whichever option you choose, make sure you have all the proper power and connectivity capabilities you’ll need to work efficiently. Once all the infrastructure is in place, finish the buildout, flooring and paint.

3. Create a Cheerful Space

Now for the fun part! Consider furniture, art, personal interests, and work-style when designing your home office. Don’t forget all the things that will keep you motivated during the day, such as music, a mini fridge, or maybe even a trampoline outside to keep you energized?!