New Bedroom Design Ideas And Inspiration From Keri Russell’s Brownstone Home

New Bedroom Design Ideas And Inspiration From Keri Russell’s Brownstone Home

When you first move into a new home, what room do you focus your energy on first? It’s different for everyone, but when you have access to new bedroom design ideas from actress, Keri Russell, starting with the master bedroom is a no-brainer. Keep reading, because here are four design ideas inspired by Keri’s master retreat.

Neutral primary colors

The primary colors in Keri’s bedroom are fairly simple… cream, ivory, white, and beige to name a few. This says a lot about Keri’s cozy style as well! If you also love a simple home design, then stick with neutrals, and let other elements in the bedroom give that pop of personality.  

Elements that make the space feel more like home

When moving, it can be initially difficult to make the space seem like your own. Keri incorporated simple elements to add personality, making the space feel like home instantly. Design elements such as the sheepskin rug, headboard fabric and plant add warmth. In fact, everything seems native to the space…even the neutral color pattern adds to that cozy atmosphere! Remember, the bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing and comfortable room.  

Pops of antique-rustic charm

Thanks to the neutral color scheme of the bedroom, pops of antique-rustic charm stand front and center. Look at the attached image, and your eyes are instantly drawn to the antique chandelier and wood bedside table. These design pieces make the bedroom feel lived in immediately, which can make moving into new spaces an easier transition!


Read any of our past articles, and you’ll quickly find that we love greenery and flowers in spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen. Well, the bedroom isn’t any different! When considering new bedroom design ideas, including a vibrant plant or flower vase bedside easily brightens your mood; plus, fresh florals are a quick way to break up an overly neutral color palette.