Outdoor Deck Ideas that Will Elevate Your Summer

outdoor summer decor ideas

So you may think a deck is pretty basic, right? But with some planning, creativity, and a focus on how you and your family will use the space, you could build a whole new area in your home ideal for entertaining, dining and having fun. Here are a few deck concepts that we think are next level backyard ideas.

Concept 1: The Gathering Place

Looking for somewhere to hang out, talk and relax with your guests? Then make sure you include multiple spaces, each designed for a specific purpose such as dining, playing games and chatting. This ensures your guests will enjoy the deck area throughout the evening. Comfortable furniture and round tables that promote conversation are all a must, as are the simple comforts such as heaters, music and lighting will encourage people to stay and play.

Concept 2: Multi-level Grand

If you have the space in your yard, consider a multi-level deck with several entertaining areas.

Ideas include an area with a firepit with seating, dining area, and a place for lounge chairs. The goal is to create an extension of the area’s living space, so consider how to bring your inside decor to our outside deck area to create synergy throughout.

Concept 3: A Place to Retreat

If your idea of a great deck area means a place for you to escape, then you’ll definitely want to incorporate a hot tub into your deck area so you’ll have a place to relax and rejuvenate. Consider a wood trellis cover with built in seating and counter space as one way to make the spa unit part of the overall deck design. A cover will also protect from the sun and allow for use rain or shine.

Concept 4: A Room with a View

Taking advantage of a spectacular view is one of the main reasons for building a deck area. If you are fortunate to have a beautiful view, accent your deck area with potted plants, comfortable lounge chairs, and maybe even a water fountain. Guests will never want to leave!