Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Congratulations! You just made the biggest purchase of your life…your first home! Gone are the days of apartment living and not being able to make the space your own. Now it’s time to focus doing just that and decorating! If you’re on a budget, or the thought of where to start is overwhelming, here are a few tips to guide you.

Begin by choosing your color scheme

Nothing will bring your home together and personalize it like paint! You can tie every room together as you move  throughout the home. Tip: make sure you paint before you move in any boxes or furniture…it will make the process a lot easier and faster! To help you pick the ideal color scheme, check out this list of best neutral paints and top bedroom paint picks.   

Everything doesn’t always have to match

First and foremost, invest in a good sofa. It anchors your living room and a good one is worth every penny. Then you can add your personal design choices rather than purchasing a matching living room set from department stores. This will save you a lot of money, and allow for a warm, eclectic look.

Look for ways to maximize space

It’s important to make the most of your space, and there’s no better way than to use glass and lighting. Mirrors should be your new decorating best friend, and when used correctly can make even the smallest of spaces seem twice the size. Lighting, especially in the kitchen, can be a stylish addition to creating a whole new ambiance to the room. Read about some of our favorite kitchen lighting ideas here.

Add texture wherever possible

Adding texture is the easiest way make a new home feel more comfortable and lived in. Some of the more trendy ideas include using natural fiber rugs (seagrass for example), or layering a natural texture under a more vibrant patterned rug to liven up your hardwood floors. Read tips for selecting the right area rug for your space here. Pillows and throws are another way to easily bring texture to a room and include your personal style in the room.