We Absolutely <3 These Ultimate Craft Room Ideas

Craft room ideas

As Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, we bet you are searching for the cutest Valentine’s Day card ideas of all time for your kiddos to take to school, right?! And this of course has us dreaming of the ultimate place to create this crafting magic…a craft room. Here are a few ideas from the queen of crafting herself, Martha Stewart, that will help you turn that home office or spare bedroom into a crafting room you will love.  

Make it as functional as beautiful

Your space should be well organized and easy to find all your craft tools. It’s hard to start a project if you are hunting for what you need. When it comes to functionality, consider inexpensive tools such as chalkboard labels to help you stay organized. Use clear cups or jars to store pens, pencils and markers by type and color. As for decor, this is your place to be bold and creative…paint the walls your favorite color, hang fabric boards on the walls as a place for inspiration and ideas, and bring in a decorative rug.

Find the perfect craft table

Before you purchase, make sure you take into consideration how you craft. Do you sew? Draw? Paint? Then be sure to think through your room…maybe it’s a space you will also use as an office? If so, look for  a solution that can double as office furniture. It couldn’t hurt to think about including a wrapping station, which could be a lifesaver especially around the holidays.

Finish things off with the basics

Now comes the fun part…stocking your craft room! Display brightly colored thread or yarn on a wall for inspiration. Include basic supplies such as paints and brushes, stencils, tissue paper, and more. It’s good to stock up on these items so you are ready to craft whenever inspiration strikes! One last tip…don’t forget about lighting options. Be sure to look into overhead and desk lighting.