4 Eggs Benedict Recipes that Will Change Your Life

Eggs Benedict Recipes

April 16th is National Eggs Benedict Day…so let’s celebrate with some of the best eggs benedict recipes ever…just in time for Mother’s Day next month. Breakfast in bed for mom maybe? We’ve got you covered.

Avocado Eggs Benedict

All the yumminess of original eggs benedict combined with thinly sliced fresh avocado, topped with the silkiest hollandaise sauce you’ve ever tasted.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict on Rye

There’s something about eggs benedict on a warm flaky croissant…I mean all that hollandaise sauce in the nooks and crannies of the croissant?! Plus the sweetness balances out the saltiness of the salmon.

Guacamole and Chorizo Eggs Benedict with Honey Chipotle Lime Sauce

Where Mexican food meets the Benny. The creamy chipotle sauce replaces the traditional hollandaise sauce for a rich, bursting with flavor experience. Add in fresh asparagus and you have a springtime favorite.  

Steakhouse Eggs Benedict

What do you get when you add juicy beef tenderloin and crispy hash browns to the traditional Benny? A whole lot of goodness, that’s what!