Busy Kitchen? Remodel With The Roughest And Toughest Countertops

Busy Kitchen? Remodel With The Roughest And Toughest Countertops

Are you looking for a countertop material that will stand up to your high-traffic, busy kitchen? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place! With a little bit of help and research from Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics, we compiled a list of some of the toughest countertops. And, we divided the most durable kitchen countertops by quality to help you find what you’re looking for.

Stain resistant

If you have children, or cook and bake often, then stain resistant countertops are a must! Some materials, such as bamboo, marble and limestone, are porous. And even though these can be sealed or finished with mineral oil to help, some of the strongest countertops that are stain resistant include quartz, granite, stainless steel, and laminate.

Tough against chips, scratches, cuts, and nicks

Next up: durability. Unfortunately, a material that’s tough against chips, scratches, cuts, and nicks is difficult to classify because any material can chip when hit hard enough. However, any natural stone, especially quartz and granite, is a solid choice. Soapstone is also durable because even though it’s easily scratched; small cuts only require a quick repair.

Butcher block may not be on your radar, but this wood countertop material most definitely won’t chip! It’s a thick, dense wood that has a bad reputation for harboring germs. However, a 1993 wooden cutting board study debunked that myth after it found that 99.9 percent of bacteria died off the board within three minutes.

Heat resistant

If you need something heat resistant, you have the most flexibility. The most durable kitchen countertops are nearly all heat resistant… consider stainless steel, limestone, sealed concrete, soapstone, granite, quartz, laminate, or tile to name a few. Just make sure to avoid butcher block and bamboo since heat scorches both.

If you’re having trouble with where to start on your renovation, then here are a few kitchen ideas to help you get inspired.