Mudroom Designs That Will Give You The Storage Of Your Dreams

Mudroom Designs That Will Give You The Storage Of Your Dreams

If there’s one place in the house that serves as optimum storage, it’s the mudroom. Most of the time, however, this area goes largely under-utilized. If you’re in the neighborhood for a renovation, consider these mudroom designs that will give you the storage of your dreams.

Spring is the perfect time for renovation

Now is the best time for a renovation, just think about it: there is not much rain, and certainly less snow and mud! The mudroom is in less use, so if there’s any time of year to renovate, it’s now. When the snow and heavy rains come back around, your renovations will allow for much better storage.

Input custom cabinetry

To make the most of the space, custom cabinets are the way to go! Customization is the quickest and most efficient way of adding storage since they’re custom-built for the dimensions of your mudroom. In fact, cabinets that extend to the ceiling make the most of your space. This is a great solution for hanging long winter coats and jackets too!

Pull double-duty

In most cases, you don’t need an entirely separate mudroom on its own. One of our favorite mudroom designs is to combine the laundry and mudroom spaces to really utilize the space! The family can put wet and muddy clothes right into the laundry hampers, take their shoes off, and hang their coats all in the same space. It’s a good idea to color coordinate the different areas for laundry and storage, similar to the attached image! This way, your family knows exactly what goes where.

Add a seating bench

The seating bench serves as a place for people to sit down and remove their shoes after coming in from the outdoors! Plus, the great thing about a seating bench or banquette is that you can utilize the inside of the bench for storage space… talk about dual purpose! Above the seating area, make sure there are hooks to hang winter coats or summer towels.