Small Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break The Bank

Small Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break The Bank

Sometimes, the budget doesn’t allow for a full bathroom renovation. However, that doesn’t mean that a few small updates are out of the question! If your out-of-date bathroom is desperately in need of a face lift, then take a look at these affordable bathroom renovations.

Tiled shower

One of the quickest small bathroom updates that won’t break the bank is new tile. A clean, white subway tile pattern is an extremely affordable small bathroom remodel and not to mention, simple. Even though your shower would have a new look, you don’t need to change anything else since the tile color is neutral.

New light fixture

You’ll see your bathroom in an entirely new light with an updated light fixture! Ignore our terrible play on words, but this is actually one of our top choices for a small update. A new light fixture or vanity lighting is an easy accessory update… and depending on your current lighting, something this small can transform the entire room.

Give up the bathtub for a glass shower

You may be asking yourself why you’d give up your bathtub and shower combination to only have a shower, but it’s worth it, just keep reading! A bathtub is much bulkier than you realize, and a glass panel shower makes the room seem larger since you can see both ends of the room. Don’t forget that a walk-in shower is a universal design choice that’s the right fit to grow old in your home.


Last but not least, a stylish vanity cabinet is one of the most impactful small bathroom updates we’re suggesting. A new vanity refreshes the entire bathroom by providing more storage and a new design… it’s also a great starting point if you want to eventually finish a complete bathroom renovation.