Walk-In Shower Ideas Make Your Bathroom An Oasis

Walk-In Shower Ideas Make Your Bathroom An Oasis

Planning a bathroom renovation? Well, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the layout of the shower. And in our opinion, walk-in showers are a surefire way to make your bathroom feel like an absolute oasis! Keep reading, because here are three walk-in shower ideas you need to consider.

Brightly-colored mosaic

If you decide to go with glass doors in your walk-in shower, your bathroom becomes instantly contemporary. Modern design trends are usually complemented by neutral colors and minimal design, but you can choose brightly-colored tiles to bring a pop of personality. Bright tiles, like turquoise, purple or even yellow, can run floor-to-ceiling for a more cohesive and dramatic finish.

If you’re reading this, and thinking that the space you have to renovate is much too small, you’re wrong! A walk-in shower with glass walls gives the effect that the space is endless. Want to take your bathroom renovation a step further? Consider removing your bathtub to open up the space even more.


Doorless walk-in showers work really well in small spaces where there isn’t much room between the shower and toilet. The open shower concept eliminates doors, which creates a harmonious flow in the bathroom similar to an open-concept living space. Plus, this universal design concept is wheelchair accessible if you plan to retire in your home.  

Round shower

If you have the space, you need to seriously consider a round shower! The round shower concept is a huge trend in modern design right now, but the bathroom needs to be large since the shower usually sits in the middle of the room. To achieve this contemporary design effect, use glass for the shower walls. You can add as many design elements as you want as well… keep the shower basic, or add a back wall mosaic for added drama. With this as a focal point in your bathroom design, be sure to keep other elements from the vanity cabinets to the lighting leaning on the simple, contemporary side.