Exotic Wood Veneer styles are offered in our Millennia frameless line. These unique wood species offer a range of grain patterns from mild, evenly colored English Sycamore and Wenge to decidedly wild American Red Gum. We put a Natural finish on each species so that the full effect of natural variations in color, texture and grain may be appreciated.

Click the doors below to see species availability for each style.

Color and grain variations should be expected between doors and drawer fronts and from one cabinet to the next. Those variations will be extreme with American Red Gum. These are natural characteristics of the woods used and are not considered a defect.

Exotic Wood Veneer styles have a 6-week lead-time.

Designing with American Red Gum

When designing with American Red Gum, keep in mind that this veneer is not sequentially matched. That means that every door and drawer front is likely to have a different color and grain pattern. It’s a great look when all the doors are in a horizontal line, but can get pretty busy when doors and/or drawers are stacked on top of each other, as seen in the images below. (Shown on Coronado – the look will not be as pronounced with Strata.)