Artisan offers six packages of distressing techniques for Cornerstone and Millennia, to give your cabinetry the look of old world craftsmanship. Each design assumes a unique look during the Artisan finishing process, with hand-applied styling simulating the natural appearance of aged wood. Adding Glaze or Patina will accentuate the marks and enhance the aged look.

Because the details are hand-applied, the frequency and placement of distressing marks will vary. It’s an authentic look found in old-style furnishings, with the durability of a modern factory finish. Please note that A4 and A5 have a 6-week lead-time.

Click the “+” below to see the marks and techniques that make up each package. We’re showing everything with Chocolate glaze to enhance the distressing.

Artisan 1
Artisan 2
Artisan 3
Artisan 4
Artisan 5
Artisan 6 (Millennia only)