Secrets to Planting a Thriving Vegetable Garden at Home

home gardening

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own vegetable garden. Not only is it a wonderful feeling to cook with something you’ve grown yourself, food often just tastes better…plus you’re helping the environment as well. But growing a bountiful garden with a fresh supply of produce year after year takes some practice. Read on for a few tips from some experts.

1. The secret is in the soil

Very few of us have rich topsoil naturally in our yards. In fact most of us are typically dealing with clay, rocky or sandy soil. Step one is to figure out what type of soil you have and then amend your soil  based on soil type. Getting your soil right can take time, so be patient…it will be worth it in the end.

2. Maximize all your space

There are many ways to grow your garden, so be sure to not just look at the ground when considering planting, be sure to “grow up.” Whenever possible take advantage of walls, fences, etc. to maximize space. “Growing up” is also good for your plants as it helps with air circulation and can eliminate pests.

3. Plants need friends too

Consider companion planting…by placing certain plants together you can maximize the efficiency of your garden. The theory behind companion planting is that certain plants may help each other take up nutrients, improve pest management and attract pollinators. It’s definitely a more natural and eco-friendly way to grow a better garden.