Four Spotify Playlists For Your Next Dinner Party

There’s one thing that always accompanies this warm August weather: BBQs and dinner parties. Don’t get us wrong, we love dinner parties and spending the evening with friends! It’s just much easier to attend a dinner party than host one… we only have to bring a side dish, we don’t need a spotlessly clean house, and we’re there to enjoy ourselves rather than host!  

Regardless of the duties, everyone hosts a dinner party at one time or another, which is why you need the right tips and tricks to make the evening easier. Kitchn created a guide with their top 10 tips for hosting a dinner party that includes everything from making recipes ahead to delegating cooking duties. And do you know what else is helpful? Utilizing an already existing playlist of fun dinner music… it’s so much simpler than trying to pull together your favorite songs last minute! Look below, because these are four of our favorite Spotify playlists for your next dinner party:


  • Dinner Party Essentials: Not your average dinner party background music, this playlist is full of old school and current records. It will have you moving and grooving during the night’s prep.
  • Dinner Party: If you enjoy the tracks played in Starbucks, then this is the best dinner party playlist for you! It’s a playlist that functions well in the dining room or backyard.
  • Jazz Piano: With no vocals, Jazz Piano is ideal dinner party background music. This jam session is better suited for a more formal gathering or weekend brunch.
  • Disney Dinner Party: If you and your guests have a group of kids, then Disney Dinner Party is one of the ideal playlists for your next dinner party. It’s a fresh jazz take on classic Disney jams, turning their favorite songs into relaxing background music.