We Ranked Our Favorite 2018 Closet Features

2018 Closet

Thinking about remodeling your closet? Now’s your chance to include everything you’ve ever dreamed of! To help get you started and planning, here are our top seven favorite closet features ranked in order.

7. Built-in Ironing Board

Let’s face it, your ironing board should be right there with your clothes right? And if you take our advice below on outlets, you can easily plug an iron in and iron away right there in your closet!

6. Closet Drawers

Built-in drawers provide out of sight storage options while creating a sense of structure and a smooth finish to the design. We love how they keep the closet looking neat and tidy.

5. Corners

L-shaped corner shelves are a design dream…because they maximize every inch of space. The open shelving is perfect for handbags, sweaters, hats, etc.

4. A Place for Shoes

Proper shoe shelving is quite important when it comes to a well-organized closet. Rows of wood shelving that is adjustable for all kinds of shoes are both a time and energy saving feature. As an added bonus? This type of shelving extends the life of your shoes since they aren’t being crushed in boxes!

3. Color Accents

A back wall accent is a great way to lend personality and design to what would normally be a drab closet. From bold paint accents to wallpaper, or adhesive wood wall paneling, adding a pop of color or accent behind your open closet brings it all to the next level.

2. USB Outlets

OK, this is such a simple feature, yet so beneficial! Who couldn’t use more places to store and charge devices? Consider using USB outlets…they are more durable and will charge your devices faster.

1. LED lighting

Stop getting dressed in the dark! Your colors and tones don’t have to be off when you get dressed in the morning if you have proper lighting. Plus overhead lighting brings something special to your closet design.