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    4 Reasons You Should Mix & Match Your Cabinet Designs

    Mix & Match Cabinet Styles with White and Natural Grain Finishes | Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

    If you follow kitchen design trends, then you know one of the biggest design concepts is all about breaking the rules. From mixing metals to the rising popularity of transitional design, mixing and matching styles and design solutions is becoming the norm. So why not become a bit of a rule breaker when it comes to your kitchen cabinet styles and finishes? Gone are the days where your kitchen cabinets all have to match––today’s modern styles are all about combining everything from color, wood types and even finishes. Read on for four compelling reasons to mix and match your cabinets if you are considering a kitchen remodel. 

    1. Adds Contrast and Interest 

    While the appeal of an all-white kitchen is still a big deal when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, homeowners often want to tone that down a bit and add some contrast by using a bold color, pops of black, or natural woods. The ideal place to mix things up? Your kitchen island. It’s the perfect way to bring something showstopping to the room without getting too carried away. Use contrasting colors in your countertop and cabinet selection, paint the cabinets something bold  or consider a matte finish. Creating a two-toned kitchen by emphasizing the island, is also a cost-effective way to add interest to the room, with minimal financial commitment.

    2. Gives You Options

    Remodeling your kitchen cabinets can be a significant investment, so you might be hesitant to go too bold or trendy just in case something goes out of style. Mixing and matching your cabinets gives you the opportunity to be a bit bold, while keeping with something that you’ll still love for years to come.  Consider going with a light grey or white upper cabinets on top and a soft blue or green color with your lower kitchen cabinets––then connect the two sets of cabinets with matching hardware and countertop/backsplash solutions.

    Or consider mixing and matching the kitchen cabinet finish. Many homeowners are mixing wood-base or laminate wood-look cabinets with upper cabinets that have a high-gloss acrylic or matte finish. 

    3. Adds Drama

    For those who are feeling bold, mixing and matching cabinets is also the ideal way to add instant drama to your kitchen remodel. Get really creative with not only mixing colors with woods for example, but also consider other materials, textures, or even styles. For example pair grainy, natural wood cabinets with dark sleek options to give the space a variation of colors and textures. 

    Color-blocking is another way to add drama to the kitchen and mix things up. Consider adding a bank of cabinets along one wall that are made from a different material and painted a bold color (think navy, black or dark grey). These colors all work well with natural wood finishes and countertop materials such as butcher block, granite, or quartz.

    You can also bring the drama in a subtle way with a black and grey kitchen. Classy and elegant, this solution to mixing and matching colors in the kitchen brings some sophistication, while remaining timeless. If going this route, keep things simple with cabinet styles, by opting for no hardware and a frameless design

    4. Highlights Other Design Elements

    Let’s say you are considering seamless countertop solutions highlighting a beautiful marble design. This solution brings the marble countertop up onto the wall as the backsplash and includes a wall shelf. Going with lower cabinets and then a white solution for uppers or as a bank of cabinets will call attention to the patterns located in marble countertops. 

    If you have beautiful wood or tile flooring in your kitchen, two-toned cabinets are a way to highlight your flooring and make colors pop. Keep the room and elements connected by matching your kitchen island to your cabinets. Mixing and matching cabinets can also help a smaller kitchen feel more spacious. Definitely keep the darker colors down below, and go with high-gloss white on the upper cabinets to create a glow and reflect the light in the smaller room. Remember combining light with dark is a bold way to make your kitchen stand out and it works with any design style, in any type of space––opposites attract right? 


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