Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, Canyon Creek’s acrylic panels are an excellent alternative to glass. Materials such as fabric, natural elements and decorative papers are combined with high-tech resins to create this versatile product. The nonporous surface resists bacterial growth and has a much higher impact resistance than glass, making these panels a natural for the kitchen and bath. Available loose or installed in cabinet doors.
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Acrylic Panel Care

General information
Panels with fabric, leaves or other organic materials should only be used in low-humidity areas of the home. With constant exposure, moisture can work its way between panels and damage these materials.

  • The following products will damage acrylic panels: Glass cleaners, acetone, gasoline, benzene, lacquer thinner, chlorinated solvents and gritty cleansers.
  • Squeegees, paper towels, synthetic rags and scouring pads will scratch the surface.
Basic cleaning
Panels should be cool to the touch before cleaning.

  • For best results, use a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth in a gentle wiping motion when cleaning acrylic panels. A soft cotton cloth, such as a diaper, is recommended.
  • For light cleaning, use a soft sponge dampened with warm water and a mild detergent. Dry thoroughly with a chamois cloth.
Treating scratches
The manufacturer of our acrylic panels recommends using Novus polishes to treat scratches. Novus products are available at some retailers, or may be purchased online (search “Novus Polishes.”). Follow care instructions on packaging for best results. Complete Novus care instructions can be found at under the “Products” tab. Other recommended cleaning products are Gel-Gloss and Protect All Shine Plus.

  • Novus 1 is a good general-purpose cleaner that resists fingerprints, repels dust and helps protect against scratches. Panels should be cleaned and buffed to a shine on a regular basis for maximum protection.
  • Novus 2 removes fine scratches and haziness. Make sure panels are clean and dry before beginning treatment to avoid further damage.
  • Novus 3 removes most deep scratches and abrasions from acrylic panels. Final finishing requires Novus 2.

Always test products in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire panel, and remove all product residue with a clean, soft cloth.