Adjustment Info

Have a drawer that’s gone a little crooked, or a door that doesn’t line up with its neighbor anymore?  Check out these easy adjustments that will get everything back in line in no time:

Concealed hinge adjustment
Adjust the door height and relation to the cabinetry when our standard concealed hinges are in place.

Concealed Hinge Adjustment PDF shows adjustment points on all of our hinges.

Cornerstone: watch video
Millennia: watch video
Katana: watch video

Undermount drawer guides

Demonstrates removal and installation of drawers with undermount full-extension drawer guides (UMFEGs) and gives instructions for adjusting drawer height.

6-Way Adjustable Guides – black with orange handles
Download PDF | watch video

Orange Mechanism – for guides with an orange locking mechanism
Download PDF

Red Mechanism – guides using a red mechanism with a bright green lever
Download PDF

Self-centering Cornerstone guides – with white plastic mechanism
Watch video

Lazy Susan corner cabinets

Contains instructions for adjusting the doors on Lazy Susan cabinets with attached doors.

Revolving (39K) – styles with attached revolving doors
Collapsing (199K) – cabinets with collapsing carousel doors

Metal drawer box adjustment

Includes instructions on removing and inserting the drawer and drawer front, as well as side-to-side and height adjustments for drawer fronts.

Metal drawer box adjustment (308K)