Bathroom Vanity Ideas That Are Small in Size But Big On Style


Maybe this sounds familiar––you’ve been looking at your powder room or small guest bathroom for awhile now and you’d really love to make some changes. It is afterall one of the most visible and used rooms in your home! But maybe you’re not sure where to start, or how much it will cost. Well, we’re here to tell you it is possible to get the most out of that space without breaking the bank. And even though you may only have the space (or budget!) for a small vanity, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Since the vanity is an essential element to the room, choosing the right style can not only add valuable storage, but give you the opportunity to add some personalization to the room. 

While the bathroom and the kitchen are not necessarily something you remodel every year, it is possible to incorporate some of 2019’s biggest bathroom design trends and still create a bathroom remodel that has staying power. And studies show making that investment is worth it in the long run. For example, the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report says items such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects offer a 50% return on investment. Not to mention they also add a great deal of personal satisfaction for homeowners. Real estate professionals also say appraisers tend to look at kitchens and bathrooms first when assessing a home’s value. And remember, with bathrooms, a complete renovation usually isn’t necessary. You can tackle elements like adding new bathroom vanities, toilets and fixtures, and still get the look and feel of an update while working within a budget. 

So now that you are motivated to remodel that small guest bathroom, check out some of our favorite (from trendy to timeless) small bathroom vanity ideas you can incorporate into your bathroom renovation project. 

Floating Vanities

Seamless and airy, a floating vanity is ideal for small spaces. Typically contemporary in style, it’s simple clean lines help with opening up a smaller space. Plus a hanging vanity still offers storage solutions while making the space appear larger. Also consider a vessel style sink with this vanity solution which offers more storage space under the vanity. 

Open Shelving Vanities

Similar to the effect floating vanities create, the clean, contemporary designs of open shelving vanities can make a small space feel larger while still providing storage and display options necessary in a small guest bath. Shelves provide room to display guest towels or other items visitors might find useful. 

Repurposed Vanities

In a small bathroom, sometimes less is more. Why not consider a vintage small-scale piece of furniture instead? Look for a piece that offers an open base and tall legs to help create a lighter, more open feel. Using a vessel sink in this situation is ideal, as it means the drawers underneath remain spacious enough to store soaps, guest towels and extra rolls of toilet paper.

Framed Vanities

If you are really looking to make a stylish statement, consider a bathroom vanity frame. Minimalist and memorable, it’s a great option for your powder room. With simple and clean lines, the plumbing is exposed, but there are still storage options, a possible lower drawer for example, allowing the vanity to open up the space versus crowding it. 

Mirrored Vanities

Mirrors are great design aids in small spaces, especially dark ones. They reflect light to create the illusion of a lighter and brighter space. A mirrored vanity also adds elegance without being too busy, helping to make the space feel larger. If you have a tight space, you could also consider a side-faucet with your mirrored vanity. Side-faucets are one of 2019s biggest bathroom trends, and allow you to do something a little more interesting in your guest bathroom. 

Custom Vanities

Bathroom remodels are definitely one of those projects that can benefit from using a professional. Space planning is especially important, in particular in the powder room where every inch counts. A custom made vanity can ensure you get a piece that not only fits the space perfectly, but is built to suit your lifestyle and storage needs.