Cabinet Hardware is No Longer an Afterthought

Cabinet Hardware

There once was a time where cabinet hardware was just a second thought, but those days are long gone. In today’s design and trends, there is just as much of an emphasis on the hardware style as the cabinets themselves. Use these tips to help create the kitchen’s overall style and personality.

Hardware is the best accent piece

We like to think of cabinet hardware as the jewelry to a great outfit. The hardware puts it all together! There are several ways you can go with the design, which is why Canyon Creek offers several hardware options and combinations. In fact, there are several accent pieces available for a traditional, modern or transitional kitchen design… whatever suits your style best!

Spend the time on choosing your finish

Just like your cabinets, spend some time deciding upon your hardware finish. Finishes are getting more and more diverse, and you have way more than just a couple colors to choose from. Three of the biggest trends right now are matte black, chrome and brass, which all lean towards a modern design. But if your style leans towards a traditional style, then modern cabinet hardware probably won’t suit your needs. However, brushed nickel as well as bronze pulls and knobs are an elegant choice that go well with traditional cabinetry.  

Match your cabinet style to your hardware

It’s always the easy way out to choose the simple option. But if you want the most out of your finished product, then you’ve got to spend time matching your cabinet style to the hardware. Remember, there are hundreds of cabinet hardware options! There is an industrial, sleek, antique, and contemporary design option available, so there’s something out there to complement your style. Want something to stand out a bit more? Unique options such as vintage or beaded pieces can work for both traditional and modern styles to play up the space.