Cabinet Types: Frameless vs. Framed

Cabinet Types: Frameless vs. Framed

If you are renovating your kitchen or shopping around for cabinetry, then you have probably heard the words “frameless” or “framed” millions of times! Basically, there are two major styles of cabinetry to choose from: frameless and framed. Both styles are functional and stylish, but they have their own advantages. To help you better understand which style is the right choice for your home, here are the unique features of framed & frameless cabinets.

Frameless cabinetry

Frameless cabinetry is a European style that features sleek, modern lines and a contemporary look thanks to its lack of a face frame between the doors. If you love the contemporary style, there’s more benefits to come! Because there is no face frame, this style provides full access. And full access is basically gold for your kitchen: more storage. Frameless cabinets are your best bet if you have a smaller kitchen.

Canyon Creek Cabinet Company offers two collections featuring frameless cabinets: Millennia and Katana. Millennia cabinetry is our fully customizable line that comes in numerous wood species, door styles and other features. On the other hand, Katana cabinetry has a more limited selection that is stylish but also nice to your wallet.

Framed cabinetry

The more traditional option of the two, framed cabinets are an American-built style known for its durability. If you think that the contemporary style is too bland or too modern, then this style is calling your name! The framed construction offers additional strength and sturdiness that comes in handy if your kids like to swing on your lower cabinet doors. There are a wide range of door options, such as recessed or raised panel, that add dimension and versatility.

The Cornerstone cabinetry line is Canyon Creek’s premium collection that allows you to design your cabinets exactly how you want. Make it your own with a custom wood species and door style.