Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Finish for Your Cabinets

cabinet finishes

Okay, you’ve made the decision…you are ready to revamp your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. But with so much riding on this, how do you decide which direction to go? Feels overwhelming right? Well let’s take the guesswork out of creating a kitchen or bathroom you’ll love with a few tips that will help you ensure your investment is exactly what you’ve always wanted.

Look to your kitchen design for inspiration

If you’re not planning on updating your kitchen floor and backsplash anytime soon, then use these main elements to help determine your finish. For example, grey and white finishes like Graphite, Marble or White paint complement modern backsplashes and stainless steel appliances.

Consider the size of your kitchen

Remember smaller kitchens will look even smaller with a dark finish, while larger kitchens can better handle a dramatic color. If you kitchen is smaller, and you’re set on a dark brown or even a black stain, then consider mixing finishes. Choose a lighter upper color in order to maximize the size of the space and then blend both shades with a backsplash or countertop that ties them together.

Use color to make a bold statement

Color works well in kitchens that need a pop of personality…choose something from the Curated Collection or a deep red stain works well here. The kitchen or bath is a great place to bring in strong colors…creating a memorable focal point in each of the rooms.

Choose color choices depending on cabinet style

Some shades are better suited towards the style of cabinet. Going with traditional designs for example? Consider rich woods or light neutrals…with traditional cabinets you’ll see lots of dark cherry or traditional white. If you are going with a more modern, frameless cabinet, look to nature to inspire your choice. Consider bamboo, textured woods or rustic grey finishes. You can also go with a sleek, gloss finish in white or even a dramatic red. The ultimate goal is to make sure that your finish aligns well with the style of your cabinets.