How to Incorporate Built-In Cabinets In Your Bedroom

built-in cabinets bedroom

If your bedroom really is your own private oasis, then keeping it organized and clutter-free is all part of building a master bedroom sanctuary. A simple way to achieve this bedroom zen is through built-in wall cabinets. Not only do they offer customized storage solutions designed specifically for your lifestyle, but they can make for a pretty dramatic statement in the room as well. 

Beyond the aesthetics of adding beautiful built-in cabinets to your bedroom, built-in solutions can also help eliminate clutter from your bedroom. And did you know? All that clutter can actually affect how you sleep. Researchers have found a direct relationship between sleep deprivation and excessive clutter in the bedroom. Considering we spend about one third of our lives in our bedrooms (that’s more time than we spend in any other room in the home), the room should feel like a relaxing space that allows you to relax and recharge each day. Bottom line, waking up to a clutter-filled bedroom is no way to start your day! 

So that’s where building cabinets in the bedroom offers a great way to maximize your bedroom’s storage potential, while doing something impactful in the room, and something healthy for you. There are many options depending on the size, shape and wall space in the room. Tall, narrow cupboard style cabinets will multiply storage options, while a cabinet above the bed makes for an excellent headboard idea for displaying books, photos or accessories. Integrated storage systems that include shelves, hanging spaces, and drawers, and other custom cabinet ideas such as pull-out drawers for shoe storage or cubby-style shelves for neatly holding sweaters, hats or purses are additional options for maximum storage. Once you decide to include built-in cabinets in your bedroom, be sure to work with an experienced professional to come up with some built-in cabinet design ideas that will ensure your storage woes are over. The goal here is to make sure your bedroom space is beautiful and at the same time helping you live a clutter-free life. 

Some built-in cabinet ideas that could be game changers in your master or small bedroom include:

  • Break up a large room, by adding a free-standing built-in. This solution potentially creates a closet or storage space behind the bed, or even room for a sitting area. 
  • Go beyond cabinets and include a headboard with your bedroom built-in. Beautiful wood species options such as bamboo or rustic beech create a beautiful solution for a headboard, while offering a unified look surrounding the bed. 
  • Go high and low with bedroom built-in cabinets. For a modern, clean look consider adding frameless cabinets above the bed, and pull-out drawers below the bed ideal for storing seasonal items. Or include cubbies of various sizes and shapes above the bed for a unique way to display items. 
  • Thinking of maximizing your spare bedroom space with a Murphy Bed? Adding built-in cabinets and shelving make the most of the space around the bed, while creating more storage options and visual interest when the bed is up.
  • Built-ins in the bedroom aren’t just for cabinets. Floating built-in nightstands are excellent space savers and offer the opportunity for custom storage ideas.  
  • Add a little something unique to your bedroom built-ins by including an attached platform for your bed. This leaves the room airy and uncluttered since everything is attached and working together. 
  • Have a bank of windows in the room? Center the bed underneath and then add built-in bookcases on either side…perfect for avid readers who have a collection of books. 
  • If you’re short on space and need a work area in your bedroom, a built-in desk/bookshelf combo can keep clutter to a minimum while creating a cozy little nook where you can focus. 
  • If adding a built-in dresser, say goodbye to messy laundry baskets by adding built-in fold-out laundry drawers on the bottom…now all those dirty clothes are hidden away!
  • Have a long empty wall? Add vertical storage built-ins on either side for hanging items or linen storage, include several drawers in the center that feature custom storage solutions for jewelry, socks, or belts, and then leave a space for your TV in the middle. Custom hardware will help create interest with a long bank of cabinets like this. Add cubbie areas at the top and fill with woven baskets for texture.

Remember, whether you are dealing with a small secondary bedroom, or a large master suite, built-in cabinets can offer storage options that are the secret to a relaxing, easily organized space, all while adding value to your home.