How to Pick the Right Cabinet Styles for Your New Kitchen

new kitchen cabinet styles

Once you decide to make an investment in remodeling your kitchen, making the right cabinet choice can seem a little overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be. Use our handy style guide to help you make the right decision, and end up with a kitchen you’ll love for years to come!

1. Contemporary

A modern kitchen requires contemporary style cabinets to pull off an effective design. That’s why if you are looking for a clean and modern style in your kitchen, slab or flat doors are essential for pulling off this style. Contemporary cabinets offer minimal ornamentation and simplistic handle designs as well, creating a seamless transition throughout the room.

2. Raised Panel

Ideal for a more formal or classic kitchens, raised panel doors offer elegance and depth to your design. They stand out from the door frame, creating a more traditional look. They typically work well with traditional or transitional style kitchens.

3. Glass Doors

Glass doors are a great way to really customize your look, and allow you to artfully display pieces, dinnerware and collectibles. Professional tip? Keep the hardware to a minimum so the pieces being displayed can stand out in the room.

4. Recessed Panel

If you are going for understated elegance in your kitchen then recessed panel doors are the ideal option. Because they have a center door panel that is slightly lower than the door frame, they create visual depth in the room. This design also works well in traditional or transitional style kitchens.

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