Three Kitchen Cabinet Trends with Staying Power

Three Kitchen Cabinet Trends with Staying Power

You’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen and there’s a lot to consider…budget, timeline, and of course design. When making this long-term investment in your home, it’s important to make sure you choose a cabinet design that is versatile, something you love, and most importantly is a look that won’t go out of style. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of three kitchen cabinet trends that we feel are here to stay.

1. Oak is back

Yes, you heard us right…oak is making a comeback in a big way. Homeowners looking for connections to their past, along with a focus on all things vintage has given oak renewed attention. But this isn’t your grandmother’s kitchen…versatile, oak’s neutral color and texture can easily be used with most designs. Today’s oak cabinets feature new, more interesting door styles along with options for stain and paint.

2. Color options

Color is a great way to really do something unique, yet timeless. Neutral colors such as grey, yellow and soft greens are classic choices. Want to add a little trendiness? Think about a kitchen island in a darker palette such as black, navy or emerald green…treating the kitchen island a different color lets you get creative without the expense long term of making a change.

3. Clean Lines

As the modern/contemporary design style continues to grow in popularity, the minimalist trend is likely to continue into 2018 and beyond. Free of the ornate design work often found in traditional styles, this style features a frameless panel door with simple lines, low profile handles and full access to the cabinet contents.