Three Reasons Why Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Are A Great Choice For Sustainability

Three Reasons Why Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets Are A Great Choice For Sustainability

Green living is becoming a crucial piece in home design. In fact, Millennials, which are the newest generation of homebuyers, are looking for sustainable design and natural materials when purchasing a home. One way to improve the sustainability of your home is to utilize eco-friendly cabinetry, and bamboo kitchen cabinets top our list! Here’s why bamboo kitchen cabinets are a great choice for an eco-friendly home.

Eco-friendly cabinetry

Bamboo is an amazing plant… although technically a grass, bamboo grows from stalks similar to a tree. It can be harvested often, because unlike oak or other trees, bamboo grows back rapidly within three-to-seven years. Amazing, isn’t it!? Its renewability is why bamboo is one of the most common sustainable kitchen cabinet materials. Plus, we can’t deny that it goes great with a recycled glass countertop or a reclaimed wood dresser in the home office.

Truly custom look

There is something truly custom about bamboo kitchen cabinet designs! The cabinets are available in several colors and feature stunning vertical graining making for a complete alternative to wood cabinetry. There’s an exotic look to bamboo kitchen cabinets, which can increase the value of the kitchen… hey, everyone wants that! In addition, options such as the Lanai or Hana bamboo doors work well in a contemporary setting thanks to the clean aesthetic of the vertical graining. Just take a look at the attached image for inspiration!

Durable with longevity

One of the key features of sustainable kitchen cabinet materials is the durability. A strong natural resource, bamboo cabinets are durable and last long even in areas as highly used as the kitchen! Even better, bamboo doesn’t expand and contract in heat or cold, which can be an issue with other wood species. While bamboo is seen as the sustainable alternative, it still provides the same durability and longevity of wood cabinets.