Traditional vs. Modern Kitchen Cabinets: What’s The Difference?

Traditional vs. Modern Kitchen Cabinets: What’s The Difference?

There are plenty of elements that make up the difference between a traditional and contemporary kitchen, but none is more important than the kitchen cabinets. We’ll get into the details by comparing traditional vs. modern kitchen cabinets… take a look below to finally understand the difference between traditional and contemporary cabinet designs.

Framed vs. frameless cabinets

One of the main differences between framed & frameless cabinets is the construction. A traditional cabinet features a framed design known for its durability and sturdiness. On the contrary, frameless cabinet construction is a full-access style since there is no face frame to show between the doors. Since there is no overlapping frame, the end result is a modern and uniform appearance… check the attached image to see the difference!

Door styles

Thanks to the different construction types, there is a difference in door styles when comparing traditional vs. modern kitchen cabinets. The door styles really help in communicating a traditionally handcrafted style or a clean aesthetic!

  • Traditional door styles are more ornate with detailed doors. Since the doors lay on top of the cabinet box, the door has more texture thanks to its raised panel designs.
  • Modern door styles feature a sleek, flat-panel cabinet door for the most part. But for more edginess, there are recessed panel options for a transitional look, such as a Shaker style.

Homey and cozy vs. streamlined and efficient

In addition to the design, the cabinet choice sets the tone and vibe in the kitchen too. HGTV suggests that traditional cabinetry provides a homey and cozy vibe while modern cabinets have a sleek, efficient, European-style feel. The traditional style blends well with granite, grained wood and other natural materials too… it’s more of a design element since its bold doors stand as the focal point. However, if you want more storage, modern kitchen cabinets are optimized for as much space possible.