Trending: Painted Grey Cabinetry

Trending: Painted Grey Cabinetry

As neutral color palettes have reigned supreme in the kitchen, white paint has been the leading type of cabinetry. But now there is an up and coming contender: grey cabinetry. This on-trend neutral is gaining traction for many reasons, but its versatility and complementary nature make grey easy to love.


Versatility is more important of a design element than you probably think! With grey, you can choose a cool, warm, dark, or lighter option for your cupboards; it all depends on the space and your preference. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen, opt for a lighter grey to amplify the space. And if you want to play with the kitchen design, grey often has an undertone like blue or yellow. You can integrate some variation with a funky backsplash or colored feature like the attached image.

Plus, this is a fantastic option if you want to move away from wood cabinetry in your kitchen. Check out our grey cabinets inspiration to look at other materials like Greenlam and Laminate.

Countertop material options are endless

One of our favorite aspects of this trend is that you can update your cabinets without having to renovate the rest of your kitchen. The grey tones blend with stone, tile, butcher block, stainless steel, concrete or, frankly, any other countertop material. However, if you do want a full renovation, we suggest using Carrara marble. We swear, the stunning veining and grey combination won’t let you down!

Two tone

In addition to its versatility, the neutralness of grey makes it the perfect solution for a mix of colors. Combining two cabinet colors can be a statement maker, but grey is the ideal color to match with since it’s a neutral hue. Play it safe with close hues, like the white and grey in the attached image, or aim for a dramatic look with colors such as the espresso and grey combination seen here.