Trick yourself into believing you have more space with a kitchen remodel

In blind-corner cabinets, install a shelf that swings out so that you have access to everything.

Kitchen remodels can breathe new life into a home – but as you may know, they can’t always give a homeowner more square footage. If you want to renovate your kitchen but are stuck on how to find additional storage space, follow these tips:

Call on corners

There are several measures to take with corners, which can actually fit more than you may imagine. Install custom cabinets and use the vertical space to stash cookie trays and other unwieldy kitchen items. If you’re considering a blind-corner cabinet – which is accessible from only one door – install either a Lazy Susan or a half moon-shaped shelf, which will swivel and pull out, saving you both a headache and a possible backache.

Use cabinet doors

The back of a cabinet door is a great place to hang S hooks that will provide additional storage in unused space. These handy hooks can hold a spice rack or utensils that will be within reaching distance when you’re whipping up your world-famous recipe. Cabinet doors can also fit a rod similar to a towel rack, which is a great way to keep lids to pots and pans organized. 

Decorate with the mundane

Be creative in the way you store items that simply don’t have a space. Put non​-refrigerated produce in glass bowls or matching baskets so that they double as decor. Turn a cake stand into a seasonings stand, which will free up counter space and create an interesting focal point.