4 Ways to Organize Your Important Paperwork


April 15th is rapidly approaching and if you are in the throes of completing your taxes, then you know how important it can be to properly organize important paperwork. Here are four tools you can use to keep what you need in an organized way in your home office.

1. Snap-n-Store letter size file box

Gone are the days where your home office included a large, bulky file cabinet, which means you need a simpler way to keep those hanging files. This steel-handled container comes in letter and legal sizes and can fold flat when not in use. And it’s affordable too!

2. Baby document organizer

New babies need a lot of “stuff,” and that includes paperwork. Keep immunization records, doctor’s records, pregnancy literature and social security cards in this adorable plastic briefcase style organizer. You can also customize it.  

3. Cascading wall organizer

Some paperwork is temporary, but just as important. Store and organize monthly bills, W2’s, projects, event information, and more in a way that helps you know exactly where everything is. Try this hanging file organizer as your “family command center” and keep your daily life running like clockwork.

4. Add custom cabinets

If you are ready to really get your life in order, add custom cabinets to your home office…designed specifically with your needs in mind. Many custom options can be added to keep things organized long-term, and they can even help make you more productive.